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  1. Divine Kings vs Vit, DF

    We went out yesterday and quickly found DF to give us a fight, Lil cards was catching straglers, they tried hold us as long as they could but they sitll got cleared, then we rushed the lil tards kids to the south and wiped them out. right after we heard there was a war on black dragons, JAJA was crashing REV vs ROT with few AC, SV and Vitality around the map. We bullied Vitality in single and they asked us for a fight GDZ and we accepted. After 20 minutes DF was crashing the fight, not sure if just attacking us, fight was around GDZ, east GDZ, at one point we were almost at gap to the west, but DF sniping our returners inside GDZ, we rushed there to wipe them out and rushed west on Vitality again but they started running south for some reason so we just took our endings.
  2. 3 word Story

    only stopped when

  4. DK WINS AGAIN We went out as usual making big bucks, since last war we had against LT, VR was there trying to be dumbasses so we had to repay the favor. They were having inners with Revenant at the Rev caves so we clumped them out, after that we heard VR were having a fight with ROT north of the KBD cave, we got abit late but we still made a few bucks before it was over all thanks to VR. After that, Revenant was getting smashed by CT and some of us were there in this cluster, after a while PD, JAJA, UNK and ROT were there, I made a few gp myself, this was around 6 hour fight. ..
  5. Staking wins and losses:p

    Wtf why you guys make this bullshit stakes
  6. The fun is over

    Thanks for letting us know. Try come to some events, we always do GMT time as well
  7. Divine King swipes out DK+Liths

    You can put your <3 in your ass and get the fuck out of our boards, keep running your mouth all over zybez
  8. Divine King swipes out DK+Liths

    What are you doing here btw Aren't you that stupid kid that keeps flamming us on RSC and posting a DF video over and over?

    I don't remember ever talking to you in my life, as for the flamming you're getting a 3-day suspension for flamming an official on the forums. There are rules and they've to be followed, I was best advising you on how you should be getting a kill picture, if you don't want them you can post however you want and you may or may not get points in this competition, its all for the fun and you're taking it in a way like I was being mean to you instead of just accept the advice given.

    Hmm you're missing the date in the picture, same thing about Dragon Pickaxe and doesn't really prove you obtained the Pickaxe in the callisto since its just sitting in your bag, you could also get any kill and put a Ring or buy more pickaxes and get them on your bag, right? Not saying you did, but thats possible since you don't took the picture the right way, you guys really need to learn how to take pictures thats for sure
  11. DK WINS AGAIN We went out as usual with about 30 big boys assailing anyone trying to come our way, soon enough we found our fellas VR who run their mouth and talk big on zybez but can't face us ingame, they teamed up with some Liths and tried to fight us 2v1 only to get wrecked by the might Divine Kings, fight lasted like an hour with many juicy loots and the 2v1 make it more fair so VR didn't end that quick, they endured the fight with alot struggle something I wasn't expecting since they rank themselves above us but refuse to set up fights anywhere/anytime, they claimed to be ACing our fight with LT with nobody asking them to, while looting our stuff and attacking our members we wiped them out from the battlefield leaving no witnesses of the slaughter. Thanks for the action Shoutout to king valen
  12. RSC

    For me it would be a waste of time, I think I would rather play DMM or even the Tournament worlds, the fun I get from the game its basically warring, pking and kill people I don't like
  13. Dk doesn't forgive such thing
  14. Rag Bot Army destroys Jaja ft. Unks/Rev

    Was very easy made over 3m just in emblems
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