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  1. What other games do you play apart from runescape??

    Strategy Games: League Of Legends Fortnite Counter Strike Mutkamato Habbo Hotel (Use to Be Troll) Retrogames (Nes/Snes/64/Sega/PS1)
  2. Favorite Sport And Why?

    Here Comes Mine: Number 1# Tennis , Real Sport, Stragegy and Movements. =) Number 2# Floorball, Playing with Many Friends and Handling Small Ball Been Interesting Hoppy =) Number 3# Ninjutsu, Making Shadow Clones Been Always Fun, This Will Allow Me to Be in Tens of Places in Same Time. =) Number 4# Soccer, Even When Finland is Known as Ice Hockey, Im a Positive Guy, So Soccer Been More Relaxing Hoppy =)
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