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  1. When will the next Battlefield come out?

    I AM TOO! I am waiting for the next one to come out. I will buy it for sure.

    I want a big PENIS
  3. Divine Kings rapes VR ft cluster

    Sick loots!
  4. Staking wins and losses:p

    Staking is for noobs.
  5. When will the next Battlefield come out?

    I am a bf1 fan. I am wondering if anyone has any insight of when the next one might come out.
  6. 89 Agility

    Welcome to the club dude. Try to go for lvl 90. It has the second best restore rate besides 99 agility.
  7. Easy 99s Goals

    Keep at it bud. You will be there in no time.
  8. My one true desire in life.

  9. Something Very Personal about me (erne)

    That is some fucked up shit dude. I can't help but say you played yourself. Just make better decisions with your life and you will prevent situations like this.
  10. My one true desire in life.

    This song will sum it up for you.
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