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  1. Singles PK Trip Near Rev Entrance

    Also, to get your comment to show up as an image itself. Try using gyazo, but when the link opens, don't copy the link itself. Try to just copy the image. It should work the same way, and when someone clicks it, it should just redirect to the gyazo image url.
  2. Singles PK Trip Near Rev Entrance

    dude, good shit on this. I know you've been trying to get out for a good trip for a while. That ags on the floor tho boooooiiiiiiii that shit makes me moister than an oyster.
  3. RSC

    Gaming isn't entirely ghosted. I'm on an active forum that's ran by someone that knows Storm (the og rs bot scripter), and that community still plays actively. There's a whole "legit" community of ironmen and shit, too. And a streamer for RSC. my main in rsc is max cb, and i have a scythe. I have all quests completed. And over 120m cooking and fishing xp. The acc is also 16 years old though. But to anyone that wants to play, servers are open. all you gotta do is be mems.
  4. RSC

    Who here has ever played, or would consider playing Runescape Classic? It's still active, and Eyesgun and I know the whole community. I'd love to get more people into it.
  5. Random Trap/Hip hop

    That's exactly what I thought when I found it. Lmfao
  6. Random Trap/Hip hop

    Does this one count?
  7. Practice Fights

    I'm online if anyone is feeling frisky ;)
  8. Random Trap/Hip hop

  9. Random Trap/Hip hop

    Yoda, that shit was lit af, my dude.
  10. Random Trap/Hip hop

    To start things off, here's this. Can't get it out of my head, and now every time my phone rings it's all I can think of.
  11. Random Trap/Hip hop

    This thread will be exactly as titled. Share random songs that's getting stuck in your head, or something you pk to, etc. Anything and everything.
  12. REWARD - for content.

    This is an awesome Idea! Expect me to go out sometime soon and do some tribrid solos and see what I can get recorded :)

    I absolutely love this. Lol. Coordination really is key to anything like this though.
  14. Practice Fights

    Ayy. Putting this out there as a standard offer to anyone out there. If anyone ever wants to practice hybrids, tribrids, dhing, any sort of singles pking, or even small 2v2/3v3 fights. I'm always down. No risks involved unless previously discussed. I'm open to any gear set up.
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